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In Chicago, building imaginary machines for Narro & OfficeLuv & No Nonsense & others.

  1. A Recommendation of Vasyl Stetsyuk
  2. A Recommendation of Eric Satterwhite
  3. A Recommendation of Cory Keane
  4. A Recommendation of Colleen Grafton
  5. Calming Facebook's Eager Pixels
  6. My Bookmarks Are All Bookmarklets
  7. Rate-Limit Your Node.js API in Mongo
  8. Databases Doing Dirty-work
  9. Instead of Writing
  10. Timestamp - Going to a Party
  11. Swiss Army Side Project
  12. Unique Humans.txt Files
  13. Accursed With a Couple Customers
  14. Thoughts After App Release
  15. Thoughts While Waiting for App Review
  16. Increased Speed and Urgency
  17. Timestamp - Commuting to Work
  18. Memory Leaks Using Canvas in Node
  19. New Hires are a Valuable Resource
  20. Bad Graphs in the Wild
  21. On Reading Fine Structure
  22. Scripting Ruby with no Internet
  23. What Is a Timestamp Post?
  24. Timestamp - Chicago Tech Meetup
  25. Contribute to Open Source as a Code Test
  26. Cubic Mapping of Text
  27. Few Things
  28. GitHub as Social Media
  29. Hard Numbers Calculator
  30. Fiction - Raising Robots
  31. Theory of Push & Pull
  32. Narrative arcs in the code
  33. The Electrician
  34. ThreadMeUp Daily Code Reviews
  35. Many A Hubot
  36. Could Be Harnessed For Energy
  37. People will always personalize
  38. Client-side Tracking Revisited
  39. Analyzing Data Through Sound
  40. How To Link Like You Mean It
  41. Your App Is Not Better Than An Open Protocol
  42. The texture of your code
  43. A Recommendation of Vaibhav Krishna Guruswamy
  44. Why I Don't Have Analytics on My Site Anymore
  45. Asynchronous Learning and Why I Bookmark First
  46. Writing Database Middleware in Go
  47. gatrack.js 1.3 Released
  48. Fix to Enable Display Features - Google Analytics iOS SDK
  49. That Feeling of a Pending Break-Through
  50. Error Tracking in gatrack.js
  51. The Great Discontent Issue One - First Look
  52. How To Access My Personal API