Many A Hubot

I’ve spent the last few nights working and reworking through a tangential thought.

I was thinking about so many examples of recombinatory ideas. By this I mean all those largely successful ideas that stem from the simple combination of multiple other, simpler ideas. Usually, these precursor memes are well-known or outmoded.

This means that any sufficiently informed person is a hotbed, ripe for successful recombinatory ideas (or so we all hope). Usually, we are able to recombine facts and fiction during moments of relaxation (good ideas happen in the shower). I spent the last few nights trying to build a service to do that for me.

This was the general scaffolding for the bot:

Ultimately, I decided to halt any more development. After further thought (get it?), I think my time could better be spent actually enforcing relaxation time for myself and focusing on increasing my self-indexing ability. Part of that is writing more. Concentration, concatenation, contextualization.