About Josh Beckman

About Josh Beckman

I’m the founder of Narro, the best way to listen to the Internet. I’m currently leading the product & engineering team at OfficeLuv. I’m also a member of the No Nonsense Agency.

I built the engineering team and product at ThreadMeUp from a team of 4 to over 30.

Before that, I was the first engineering hire at Aggrego, a kind of startup incubator.

And before that, I used to be a photojournalist, an EMT, and a construction worker. I studied Neuroscience and machine learning at the University of Illinois.

You can book time to meet and we’ll become great friends.

I respond most readily via email(at)andjosh.com, and Twitter @andjosh_.

I often deploy repositories of knowledge and computer code to GitHub. I tend to make quite a few lists and write hopefully helpful things. I’m open to advising on AngelList.

If you want to know what I’m reading, you can follow through my Narro podcast: narro.co/playable/josh.